Yeeva on EU-Drak'thul

Character Facts
Race Blood Elf
Class Priest
Realm EU-Drak'thul
Guild Bloodforged
Average Item Level 696 Top 100.0 %
Achievement Points 23,875 Top 6.5 %
External Links Armory Page
Last Updated a year ago
Guild Memberships
Name Guild Realm
Yeeva Bloodforged EU-Drak'thul
Patch History
Patch Progression
Fury of Hellfire 6.2
Character Average Item Level
Alca 887
Allora 951
Alloracka 909
Farron 955
Kainlolster 702
Lisbel 891
Malaholka 894
Plussymoda 901
Selline 652

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