Setebos on EU-Nathrezim

Character Facts
character render
Race Undead
Class Priest
Realm EU-Nathrezim
Guild Woge der Finsternis
Average Item Level 886 Top 90.5 %
Achievement Points 19,770 Top 22.4 %
Mythic Dungeon Level 15 Top 0.1 %
External Links Armory Page
Last Updated 4 days ago
Guild Memberships
Name Guild Realm
Setebos Woge der Finsternis EU-Nathrezim
Setebos Woge der Finsternis EU-Nathrezim
Patch History
Patch Progression
Shadows of Argus 7.3
Fury of Hellfire 6.2
Siege of Orgrimmar 5.4
Character Average Item Level
Deizid 928
Fährmann 935
Gaogrim 959
Ndidi 882
Savi 935
Ygdrasil 933

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