Adria on EU-Wildhammer

Character Facts
Race Blood Elf
Class Mage
Realm EU-Wildhammer
Guild Chaotic Intent
Merged Characters
Average Item Level 837 Top 95.3 %
Achievement Points 14,105 Top 54.4 %
External Links Armory Page
Last Updated a year ago
Guild Memberships
Name Guild Realm
Adria Chaotic Intent EU-Wildhammer
Hellara Malice EU-Arathor
Hezzer Wretched EU-Al'Akir
Hezzer Nokturnia EU-Al'Akir
Hezzer Egalitarian Syndicate EU-Al'Akir
Patch History
Patch Progression
Legion 7.0
Fury of Hellfire 6.2
Warlords of Draenor 6.0
Siege of Orgrimmar 5.4
Character Average Item Level
Ayiana 503
Ikairi 859
Minievil 860

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