Zperit on EU-Wildhammer

Character Facts
Race Troll
Class Druid
Realm EU-Wildhammer
Guild Chaotic Intent
Average Item Level 917 Top 60.5 %
Achievement Points 8,510 Top 86.0 %
External Links Armory Page
Last Updated 6 months ago
Guild Memberships
Name Guild Realm
Zperit Chaotic Intent EU-Wildhammer
Zperit Resolve EU-Defias Brotherhood
Zperit Sabotage EU-Defias Brotherhood
Zperit Busido EU-Twisting Nether
Zperit Revelations EU-Twisting Nether
Zperit Korpen EU-Twisting Nether
Zperit Phoenix of Draenor EU-Chamber of Aspects
Patch History
Patch Progression
The Tomb of Sargeras 7.2 Heroic: 8/9 Top 45.4 %
Return to Karazhan 7.1 Mythic: 3/13 Top 20.7 %
Legion 7.0 Heroic: 7/7 Top 37.6 %
Fury of Hellfire 6.2 Heroic: 13/13 Top 11.1 %
Character Average Item Level
Chaosdot 923
Lizzi 664
Ralkahs 897

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